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Maksan Makina Tekstil San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Address: Sanayi Sitesi No:1, 09650  Atca-Nazilli-TURKEY
Tel: +90.256.356 33 01
Fax: +90.256.356 31 11
e-mail: mail@maksan-tmc.com.tr
Web: www.maksan-tmc.com.tr

Company Profile

Maksan Disli Makina Tekstil San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. is a gear parts producer for automotive industry and all kind of gears for all industries (i.e. textile industry, machine industry, defence industry etc.) Maksan was founded in 1978 in Atca- Nazilli in Turkey by Mr. Alaaddin TUNCA.

Maksan production line has got a 5000 sqm closed area and over 120 machines of various types. Our production capacity is 500.000 gears in a year. We produce the gears of FORD D1210, D1200, CARGO 2520 Trucks, BMC LEYLAND Trucks, FORD Transit,  Old model Ford Escort (ANADOL), BMC TM30, RENAULT 12, RENAULT TOROS, PEUGEOT J9, FIAT 50NC Trucks, FIAT 131 car steering gears, CHRYSLER - DODGE Trucks, EATON 475 , EATON 570, EATON 4106, MT 75 gearbox gears for FORD TRANSIT M12 and M15, 22000 series differential gears and FIAT Tractor gears under the trademark TMC®

Our gear production units can produce spur gears with internal and external gears, of a diameter up to 1400mm, and the module up to 22mm.

All Maksan's products have guarantee certificates for between 1 and 2 years.

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Board of Directors & Organisation


Maksan has become a leading expert in gear production. The quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers is the key to our continuous success. By establishing a quality control system that aims at the totality of the management we can ensure the highest standards of quality, productivity, flexibility and client satisfaction, at the same time keeping expences low. In view of these aims, the leading principles of our quality policy are:

  • To ensure the clients' complete satisfaction,
  • Continuous improvement of the product quality and diminishing of expences through the joint efforts of all our personnel,
  • Supplying clear and unambiguous instructions to contractors working for us,
  • To ensure a planned and systematic framework for the improvement of the quality, taking the clients needs as a starting point,
  • To continuously arrange education programs for our employees,
  • To protect the environment and to use exhaustible resources in a responsible way,
  • To do all our works correctly the first time and always, and
  • To ensure the continuity of the quality improvement works.

    Our aim is to give the responsibility of this policy to all of our employees and to make sure our quality standards are understood by everybody and that works are arranged in accordance with these standards.